Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things You WIll Never See in DC: Amazing Sample Sales

Sample Sales.  Forget men and the rush that comes with a first date with a cute guy, sample sales are where it's at.  Literally the thought of digging through a bin and finding a treasure that I lusted after for months and months being at an affordable price makes my heart pitter patter in a way no man to this date has.  So after hearing that the Stella McCartney Friends and Family Sale is going on right now (le sigh) in......NYC, my heart dropped with disappointment in the same way as a girl's heart would drop when she realizes that cute guy with boyfriend potential is a complete douchebag.  Ironically and tragically, both situations have seemed to occur more often than not since I have moved to DC.  Last year, I was lucky enough to purchase this Lanvin X Acne military dress that was originally priced close to $900, for....are you ready? .......$20.   Ah yes.   Last week I missed the Alexander Wang Sample Sale where the zipper open toed booties I have lusted after could have been purchased for under $200 and today, chunky Stella knits which have my name written all over them, are disappearing into the hands of the chosen ones (aka New Yorkers).

Come on DC, Come on designers!  Bring your sample sales to the unfortunate ones with money to spend due to cheaper housing and living expenses!

photos provided by racked and popsugar

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