Monday, September 19, 2011

Say what? Givenchy for less

As you all may know from simply reading this blog and noticing that I have an inappropriate number of references to the Givenchy F/W 2011 collection...I.  LOVE.  GIVENCHY.   Seriously, Iwould wear every single piece from their collection including the floral silk bomber jacket that is semi-80s rapper/ semi-Nigerian street vendor/ semi-old woman.  Love doesn't even describe it.  However, my love for all things gorgeous and delicious means that I would be headed for early bankruptcy (rather than early retirement like I have planned) if I didn't pick and choose my battles with splurges.  Where I can find a similar look for less, I do.  Speaking of which, do y'all remember that show?  I always thought I would make a better host than that chick from the View considering I often wear outfits that cost less than $10.  Anyway, look below and you will see what I mean.  During my junior year of high school I wore a pointy black pump with a metal stiletto heel shoe to prom that I call my mom weekly to ask her to find (she can't) and so while googling 'metal heel' tonight, I came across this amazing shoe.   I am really proud of this find.  The top picture is of course, a shoe from my love--Givenchy.  The bottom, however is from an adult lingerie store. Yes. I said it, sometimes you actually have to shop at hooker shoe stores in order to look fabulous.  Who cares, the Givenchys are over $500 and the very cute on their own-Alex Wang/Givenchy-cross-hooker shoes?  $41.75
Givenchy Wool Covered Pump, $590 found here

Pleaser USA shoe from Lingerie Diva $41.75.  Suck up your pride, click here and buy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

L'homme: Ryan Gosling

One of the reasons my friends say I am picky when it comes to men is because I really demand a man with style.  And by style, I am not talking about Ed Hardy t-shirts or some printed paisley shit.  No, I am talking about a man who knows how to wear tailored classic clothes, that are ever so slightly fashionable because of the cut, color or fabric.  AND, this usually involves not looking too groomed or like you give a damn---no it has some essence of the je ne sais quoi, I don't care to it.  The commonality of every man I have ever dated, minus one (but he did receive a great makeover) is that they have had great style.  Not always the same mind you--I used to only date tattooed Men's No No model- types.  And as I got older I have tended toward men who look and act like men, but are still cool enough to enter department stores, get excited about a new piece and who may gift me for my birthday with lanvin. Mind you, it doesn't have to be Lanvin, as I am far from superficial--hello, I wear Forever 21 often.  I am referring to the idea that a man should know the difference and appreciate a girl who has class versus trash.  Enter Ryan Gosling. So effortlessly hot.  He hangs out with his dog which scores major points right there. He wears amazing shoes with no socks and slightly cropped pants, sometimes wears scarves, amazing body AND he is often alone and not in the scene.  And what is really f-ing cool about him is that he was Ryan from the Mickey Mouse Club, which I was soooo obsessed with when I was little that I was a member of the fan club AND have the embroidered lettermen MMC jacket.  Someone who is cool but doesn't have to scream it.  That's what I love.  

pics and style seen here

Things You WIll Never See in DC: Amazing, uncontrollable coolness

These pictures come to us from Vogue Paris' Fashion Night Out.  Yeah, Yeah, DC had it's version and even NYC did it up..But seriously people, is there anyone cooler than  Ms. Alt, and Natasha Poly, Isabeli Fontana and the always fab Anja Rubik? Wearing Givenchy, Pucci and Balmain, they get it right from the outfits to the hair to the makeup.  amazing  French Vogue is to die for. I died. literally. bye

Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday, September 8, 2011