Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Art: Project Pothole

Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera took to the streets of Paris to “repair” potholes by filling them with colorful knitted fabric, turning a typical city eyesore into something cheerful and optimistic.  I am not sure how these hold up, but they do make you smile :)

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Editorial: Denim and Baseball

In tribute to the official end of summer, the World Series, I feature this shoot from September's Elle Italia. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shop: Chris Benz x Movado

I have had a white Movado for several years now that I wear religiously until the iconic Movado "dot" decided to fall to its death.  When researching the address to which I can send it in for repair, I uncovered the little gem that is their Artist Series.  Launched in 1987, the Series is composed of commissioned, limited edition timepieces designed by artists such as Andy Warhol, kinetic artist Yaacov Agan, painter/sculptor Arman, James Rosenquist, pop-artist Romero Britto, and Kenny Scharf.    Chris Benz, known for his fashion designs, is the newest edition to the Series.  His watches comprise five colorful designs featuring an interesting iteration of the legendary "dot"  What a perfect watch for the neo-surfer look that I love and which we will continue to see all over come sprint.  

Chris Benz Movado Bold, $550

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Editorial: On the Road

In tribute to my all leather Axl Rose costume that I had to wear to work today (yes, I really am a lawyer, and yes, 'had' to) AND in tribute to my home state of Wisconsin, home of Harley Davidson, I feature this editorial from the November issue Vogue Spain. Lachlan Bailey shot my favorite model Natasha Poly in leather looks that transcend seasons. Literally, year after year, we will see interpretations of this motorcycle jacket. Now go grab some kohl, line your eyes and enjoy the editorial porn.

Images found at FGR

Comeback: Prada Jewelry

I have to admit that I became kind of bored with Prada and haven't been to into anything since their ombre shoe collection. However, after seeing their Spring 2012 show, I think that Prada is officially making a comeback in my life.  Prada has released their jewelry campaign images and a video, shot by Steven Meisel for their Resort 2012 collection and as you may know already many of these pieces were also seen on the Spring 2012 show, which means, you have the chance to lay your hands on spring goodies already in November, if you feel the urge….  I guarantee you, these will be on the ears and necks of all of the girls you want to look like.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art: Theo Altenberg

Theo Altenberg is a 59 year old German artist, actor and singer who you should know.  His oil on cardboard paintings are visually stunning and emotionally dreamy---or at least the kind of dreams I want to have.  It is easy to be mesmerized by the colors, the swirls and the intention (or lack thereof?) in his work.  You stare and each time you can see another image in the colorization and like a dream, you walk away not quite understanding what it was all about.  I like that. 

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Say What? Marni for Less

Statement necklaces.  They make a jumper from H&M instantly look expensive.  They can turn something formal into something fashionable, or if done right, something casual into a look that is impossibly cool.  Spotted at the recent Paris collections, model Frida Gustavsson pulls off the look perfectly pairing a necklace by Marni with a fuzzy jumper that I am fairly sure comes from H&M, casual jeans and T.  Marni does statement necklaces impeccably, but they will also cost you a pretty penny.  Frida's necklace will cost you $431.  Get the same look at Asos as seen in the second photo  for $35.94.  What's even better? Asos ships for free.  Click, buy, smile :)

Asos necklace, $35.94

Monday, October 24, 2011

Editorial: Never Mind

There is not much to say, except that Emmanuelle Alt and her team at French Vogue have done it again.  Shot by Mario Sorrenti, models Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovrova depict how a surfer chic wants to dress in the fall and it is pretty much how I want to look right now.  It is as if a Malibu surfer got stranded in Biarritz.   My sort of ideal life.  Enjoy the editorial porn below.

Images found at TFS

Friday, October 21, 2011

The List: Irreverent

The other day, my mom asked me the question.  You know it, the question that I never know the answer to, that always causes me to draw a blank.  What do you want for Christmas?  Wait. It's that time again?  The reason I can never come up with a good answer is that the things I want, I can buy for myself, and the things I lust after, well it is not feasible to really ever expect.  A Range Rover?  A villa escape in Bora Bora?  A trek through Cambodia?  A black Birkin?  A Phillip Lim Pashli?  Balenciaga Cut-out boots?  Anything from the S/S 2012 Chanel Collection?  I am realistic and while one day those will be mine, they are not something I ask for.  In reality, my list is :I accept and appreciate anything. Literally. I love McDonalds gift cards.  Moving on, I always see items that would make for great, affordable gifts and so I have decided that I will start writing them down.  

First up on The List, is iconic French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's newly released book, Irreverent. Released October 18, this 368-page photo book documents her nearly 30-year career in fashion and features photos and commentary of some of her most controversial and memorable shoots, including the launch of Lara Stone's career.  Also featuring personal photos and notes she has collected throughout the years, this book would be loved by any girl (or guy) who lives for beautiful photos, people, and fashion. 

Photos from Irreverent.  Available for $63  Amazon

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cette Fille est Chic! Kate Bosworth

I have to be honest and say, besides that surf movie, I cannot think of any movie Kate Bosworth has been in.  That being said, she is on my radar because she has great style and often showcases this style at music festivals.  I love music, and I REALLY love music at outdoor venues.  Kate appreciates that and is a combination of chic, but slightly off-beat style.  She looks effortlessly cool, still classy, and never trashy (or showing all that assy).   Her look is often attributable to pieces by my favorite designer Isabel Marant, and helped along by Vanessa Bruno (oh the French get it right).  She never looks like she is trying too hard and yet often takes chances with her looks.  This editorial for Style Caster shot by David Mushegain and styled by Cher Coulter, Bosworth's close friend, is what I call brilliant.  It pushes the boundaries without being Lady Gaga over-the-top-rolling-my-eyes-too-much-fashion.  

Current Elliot tank, Yigel Azrouel Pants, Pierre Hardy kicks

Sequined Jacket by Dolce and Gabbana

Yigal Azrouel Shirt; Costume National Suit

Isabel Marant shirt, Derek Lam pants

Pants and Boots by Isabel Marant;shirt by Yigal Azrouel

Missoni shirt, pants; Converse Sneakers (hi-low mix, woot).  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Obsession: Balmain

So, I know. Balmain pieces cost millions.  Got it.  Not affordable. Got it.  Not wearable.  Uh, I beg to differ.  Here's the thing.  It is the hi-low mix that I think the what wearable style is all about.  I love Balmain--my love is apparent and represents a chic bitch that doesn't REALLY care look that I happen to love.  While nothing about Balmain blew me away, there are definitely wearable (at least for me) looks in the mix and kind of represents exactly how I think women should want to look. From clothes to boots to hair to makeup- I think Balmain has a look that is wearable yet sexy and rich and will have all eyes on you.   Here are two of my favorite looks and from this you should take away this rule:  every look needs or should have  a Hi/Low element to it. Here you have the super fashion-y Mini skirt mixed with a casual denim shirt in the first picture and an oversized t-shirt w/ the sleeves rolled in the second. Something super Luxe with something thought of as super casual. Love it.  

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