Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shop: The Outnet, Shoes

I almost don't want to give away this website, because unlike other discounted websites (ahem, Gilt, I am talking to you), The Outnet actually features discounts on some of the best pieces designers made, not just the riff raff that no one buys.  This week has been feverishly busy at work, but I couldn't help but notice some excellent and fairly inexpensive shoes currently offered.  Makes me less envious of missing the Barneys Warehouse Sale in NYC because these prices are similar to what Barneys gives.  Shop away!

Halston: From $1095 marked to $383

Marni: From $850 marked to $298

My friends love my Chanels which look similar to these Alexander Wangs: $650 marked to $260

Alexander Wang: $680 marked to $272

Chloe boots which look similar to the cult favorite "Susans": $775 marked to $310

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