Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspiration: Shalako

I have liked anything Native American for a long time.  Back in the day (high school), my bff and I would troll into the local craft store and pick out the metal feathers to make necklaces and earrings with. We soon moved on to horns and I remember when his step-dad was weirded out (but obliged) when we asked him to drill a hole through a horn we found so that we could put a string through it and wear it as a necklace.  We would drive to Wisconsin Dells and buy up beaded bracelets and anything with feathers attached to them while most people our age purchased tourist t-shirts about beer.  Native American is a trend that doesn't ever go away, but simply gets reinvented.  It seems that Isabel Marant, one of my favorite designers for her consistency in putting out what every 'cool girl' would want to effortlessly wear, has moved on from the California Surfer Girl to the Vamp Navajo for fall, much the same as we see icon Brigitte Bardot  in the classic movie "Shalako".  Add all those looks to things I want for fall (or at least things I will try to recreate)

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  1. i like his scotch accent..
    in depression, he teaches me what man like is..
    sean thomas connery..
    scotland forever...

  2. when i'm in despair, he teaches...