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Hi. My name is Winter. Winter, like the season. 

I blame my mom.  My mom was always and will always be the chicest woman in our small Midwestern town.  I looked up to her and thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen (with the most fabulous collection of jewelry) and I always wanted to look like her (I now do).  

When I was 5 years old, obsessed with having the newest Benetton sweater for my first day of school, I forced my mom to drive me 3 hours to Chicago which had the closest Benetton store When I was 10, I would ride my bike to the library (in some crazy outfit, nonetheless) and spend hours scouring through fashion magazines to recreate what I saw with items from our local mall and local thrift store. In high school, wearing a leather dress while other students wore Umbros, my bff and I would venture to the woods and corn fields and do what we thought were high fashion photo shoots.  At one point, we spent a Saturday super-gluing circle mirrors to a pair of tan plastic pants, creating what was our idea of Prada.  Surprisingly enough, in private school, I always found a way to follow the dress code while wearing what I wanted (except when my black mod a-line mini dress and knee high white leather platform boots were deemed not fit for the school picnic).  I eventually grew up to be a lawyer and somehow again, am fortunate enough to work for a company who let's me wear what I want.

This blog is my take on fashion, art, design and beautiful things.  This includes less Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, and Ann Taylor and more Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and pretty much anything the amazing Carine Roitfeld would wear. I think the ultimate example of dressing chic is the art of mixing high-low and I love to combine Chanel heels with Zara trousers and vintage kimonos. I dare to be different, not to stand out, but because it is who I always have been.  I love restaurants that think outside the box, which also makes my quest for such nearly impossible in DC.  I love boutique hotels, culture, vintage trunks, modern mixed with rustic, diamonds mixed with bungee cords, happy dogs, sunshine, laughing, and nice people.

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