Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shop: Hermes + Kongo

When you think of traditional and classic style, you can easily think of the brand Hermes.Departing from their traditional brand identity, Hermes' latest collaboration proves their desire to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and expand its reach and appeal.  Street artist Kongo, known for his street art and graffiti is found on the walls of Paris, New York and Hong Kong and features a distinctive effervescent style that translates well to Hermes younger fans.  The scarves are now available for purchase from Hermes retail locations across the world, with part of the proceeds going towards the graffiti collection Kosmopolis, who supports young artists.    

images here

Shop: Vlieger & Vandam

Girls.  Pack some heat, or at least look like you are with these super rad bags by Rotterdam company, Vlieger & Vandam.   Sold out online, but count on me to get this as soon as they are back in stock.  

Photo from Vlieger & Vandam

Monday, August 29, 2011

Things you will never see in DC: Hermes Sample Sale

Le sigh, I will miss another AMAZING sample sale solely because I live in DC and have a job that does not afford me to skip it for AMAZING sample sales.  Up next. Hermes.  Yes, your heard correctly.  H.E.R.M.E.S.   This epic sale will open its doors to the public on September 22nd. Expect to find discounts on the label's luxurious RTW, shoes, jewelry, scarves, accessories, and bags but I have been told that the Kelly or Birkin is NEVER there so don't expect it.  Or don't start hyperventilating because you may miss your chance to buy it.  BUT, I shudder to think of the enamel bracelets, leather watches, and spiked cuffs that will just be sitting there while I am sitting at my desk. So, use the next few minutes to gather yourselves. Then, fully prepare yourself by reading Mizhattan's past reports from last springs sample sale here 

Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. 
When: Thursday, September 22nd, 9am~8pm
Friday, September 23rd, 9am~6pm
Saturday, September 24th, 9am~6pm
Sunday, September 25th, 1pm~5pm

Crave: Phillip Lim Pashli

I am looking to update my handbag collection and while I would love to have a black Hermes Birkin, I will have to wait a few more years on that one.  Same goes for the Celine Boston, which seems to be in every editor's closet now.  Phillip Lim's amazing Pashli bag will be the next big thing and at $895, while still expensive, its $1000 less than the Celine and the structure and fine details make it completely timeless.  Hoping I can secure a discount through some connections, but regardless, let's figure out price per wear on this one x the fact that it can be worn FOREVER= a done deal. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Photos courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Garance Dore

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Work: Perfect Fall Look

I am fortunate to work for a company where all rules get tossed aside as far as dress code is concerned.  People who know me will know why this is so important.  Life in a firm wearing pant suits and toning down any sense of 'chic' or 'style' literally makes me question my choice of a profession.  Despite being at a company that is carefree, I like to dress a bit more classy and put together.  I think nothing else is a perfect work outfit than this one. PERFECT.  And for those who aren't so lucky as me, perhaps save it for casual fridays?  Happy Hurricane lovlies!  Update!  Georgetown Zara has this shirt!

Look from Zara

Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Take: Givenchy Panther T-shirts

My obsession with Givenchy's F/W 2011 collection is JUST starting to come to light.  But let me say it again, Panther, Rottweilers, Black, Floral, Spiked Heels.  OBSESSED.  A few seasons ago, Martin Margiela featured horse print t-shirts that fashion editors were crazy over.  This one nearly copied exactly the "Summoning the Storm" print painted by Artist David Penfound.  So what did I do?  Did I fork over $1000 for the Margiela shirt? Of course not.  I bought a $16 "summoning the storm" t-shirt online at one of those mountain man stores you can find with a google search.  Givency's Panther t-shirts, which retail at over $500 can similarly be created by a quick ebay or google search.  I found one for $11.95 here  at a zoo shop!  And another over at Topshop UK that is out of stock, but I am sure more will surface soon.  The Givenchy men's Rottweiler t-shirt that was seen on Kanye West and Liv Tyler is more affordable but I will look for cheaper versions of that one too!  Look very shortly for more mainstream stores to knock them all off.  

Givenchy Silk Panther T-shirt, $570--picture here

T-shirt by TopShop, retails around $40

T-shirt found here for $11.95

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shop: The Outnet, Shoes

I almost don't want to give away this website, because unlike other discounted websites (ahem, Gilt, I am talking to you), The Outnet actually features discounts on some of the best pieces designers made, not just the riff raff that no one buys.  This week has been feverishly busy at work, but I couldn't help but notice some excellent and fairly inexpensive shoes currently offered.  Makes me less envious of missing the Barneys Warehouse Sale in NYC because these prices are similar to what Barneys gives.  Shop away!

Halston: From $1095 marked to $383

Marni: From $850 marked to $298

My friends love my Chanels which look similar to these Alexander Wangs: $650 marked to $260

Alexander Wang: $680 marked to $272

Chloe boots which look similar to the cult favorite "Susans": $775 marked to $310

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Style Icon: Bob Dylan

On July 25, 1965, after a tour of London, Bob Dylan turned up at the Newport Folk Festival wearing a polka dot shirt, slim, fitted trousers, Cuban heeled boots with pointed toes, and a pair of dark sunglasses.  When Dylan plugged in his electric guitar and launched into a blistering rendition of “Maggie’s Farm,” the folkies were scandalized by the entire scene.  Dylan had a whole new sound and a wardrobe to go with it.  A few years back on Halloween, I saw a Bob Dylan costume and it was the coolest, most unique, and least cheesy costume I have seen to date because it was done by a girl, with frizzy hair, black sunglasses and that cool attitude that only Dylan can embody.  The man who was inspired by and inspired the 60s and 70s icons I love like Edie Sedgwick, going to see him tonight.  Beyond excited.

pictures found here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Read: The September Issues, US Vogue vs. French Vogue

It's that time of year once again when we build up our biceps not just by carrying shopping bags filled with new fall fashions, but by the bibles of fashion known as the September issues.  Girls, gays and the smart boyfriends/husbands of all look to these magazines to see what we all will aspire to wear over the next few seasons.  In our first September Issue battle, Ms. Devil Wears Prada herself Anna Wintour went with Kate Moss for the cover and the spread inside featuring Ms. Moss's recent wedding.  Ms. Alt of French Vogue, went for the first non-model to grace the cover in 5 years---Monoco royal and granddaughter of Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi.   Both covers were shot by the Peruvian photo genius Mario Testino who shot 3 September issues this year, the other being UK Vogue. US Vogue is getting more critical acclaim, but I personally think  the choice of Moss is too obvious and the vibe is a bit too crunchy and ethereal for my taste, (although the picture of Moss and her daughter are stunning, as is the appearance of Carine Roitfeld *LOVE*).  Charlotte's pictures and pieces featured are just gorgeous ---rich, bold, sexy, stunning, and a bit more raw.  French Vogue continues to rule for me.  Which do you all prefer?

Pictures from Vogue US
Pictures from French Vogue

Shop: More Missoni for Target

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this morning more pictures of what Missoni is offering for their capsule collection for Target to be released in 30 Days!! Whoo Hoo!  Having worn over the weekend the Rodarte for Target leopard print lace mini dress, I have followed these capsule collections for years and have been truly disappointed with the offerings of late for how ugly and cheap looking the items have been.  Missoni has obviously outdone itself and blown away any other offering Target has done as they will be offering everything from men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes to home items and even patio furniture. Mitsu (man of style, see below) was at the collection preview back in the spring and tells me that the items are excellent quality, cut, and do not look cheap.  Expect to find me the night before, camped outside the entrance and expect my house and body next month to be covered in colored zigzags.

What a great gift for a party or host?  Love.
Chic head wear for the beach
Get.  End the wearing of ugly work shoes.  They also have matching little girls shoes that I plan on buying for my niece.
Shorts. Add a cream colored oversized bulky knit and you have a perfect fall outfit.

Obviously would look amazing in an all white room.  

I am all about this kimono jacket and the scarf.  

No brainer with this bikini.  Very similar to what they sell for $400+

My niece will be very styling.  

Missoni makes the best beach towels.  But they are over $100.  Get these. They are identical .

Loving the oversized cardigans
Another cardigan that would be adorable with jeans.

All about the shorts again.

All pictures provided by Target and found here

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Man of Style: Editor Mitsu Tsuchiya

Our first edition Man of Style features my best friend and Nylon Magazine's Men's Fashion Editor Mitsu Tsuchiya.  He hails from Toyota, Japan and currently lives in NYC where he is known to tear up both downtown fashion parties and Harlem bars alike.  I sat down with Mitsu over the weekend to talk about his take on men's fashion and DC style.

WLTS:  Mitsu, what do you think of the style of men here in DC?

Mitsu:  I always love to visit DC, Wint because buildings are cute... but there is no men's style here.

WLTS:  How would you describe it?

Mitsu:  Nike running shorts.

WLTS:  This is my life, Mits.   Le Sigh.  So enlighten the readers, what will we see the stylish men wearing this fall?

Mitsu: Yellow, Red, and Green.  Like the Jamaican flag---those colors will be huge for men this fall.

WLTS:  That shouldn't be too hard for men to handle.  What are your favorite things to wear?

Mitsu:  I love to dress like a Brazilian or Hawaiian.  What can I say, I like the beach.  But seriously, Stella McCartney women's t-shirts.  I know it sounds weird, but the colors are amazing and the cut works for men.  Men can dress simple if the clothes are tailored correctly so men should invest more in individual classic pieces than on one trend.  I am never without my YSL "Y" necklace and a cute sneaker from Dior Homme or Jeremy Scott.

WLTS:  If you could give advice to the men of DC to improve their style, what would that be?

Mitsu:  Buy nice shoes.  Can tell alot about a guy by the shoes they wear.  Invest and it will be worth it.

All photos provided by Mitsu Tsuchiya for Nylon Magazine.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop: Perfumes

I love fragrances.  Their bottles are gorgeous and I think nothing looks more chic in a bathroom than a mirrored tray full of beautiful perfume bottles.  Throughout my life, I have changed up my signature scent enough that if I now get a whiff of a certain perfume, it brings me back to the place and time in my life I was when I wore it.  I absolutely love that.  My first fragrance was Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth, which I am sure smelled horrid but had a cute bottle (for the 80s).  The 90s androgynous movement brought with it CK One.  In high school, freshman year, I was all about Estee Lauder Pleasures, sophomore year with Tom Ford's influence I wore Gucci Rush, and my junior and senior years when I first began my obsession with Korea, I wore Chanel Allure, which I thought smelled like a 'rich bitch'.  Lolita Lempika reminds me of my year living with terrible roommates in NYC during my junior year of college and I will forever associate Calvin Klein EternityDolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar with my mom.  La Prairie Silver Rain reminds me of running away from law school to NYC on the weekends, and anytime I smell rose, I will smile.  My current go-to, which has outlasted my usual one fragrance a season attention span is Dolce and Gabbana's The One.  It smells strong, but clean, and  I always get comments on how nice I smell.

Looking ahead, as fall approaches, some of my favorites that I hope to rotate in over the next few months (which will also look great in my bathroom) are below.  What is your signature scent?

Le Labo is a little shop in Soho in NYC where they will customize and pour your own perfume, then write you name on the bottle.  So cute.  I like vetiver but I do want to try the scent devoted to my favorite city in the world, Tokyo.  If you can't make it to NYC, can order them online here

Balmain Ambre Gris. How chic is this bottle?  Seriously. Retails for $80 from Bergdorf   (I found it on Amazon for $39)

One of my best friends wears Daim Blond by Serge Lutens and it smells so luxurious, like a warm cashmere blanket.  I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE in DC, even at Saks, but it can be purchased here

Tom Ford, Black Orchid.  Again, Strong, dominant and great for fall.  Can be found in Sephora or  here.

This is technically a men's cologne by Byredo, which is a Swedish brand and absolutely fabulous.  I think it is funny because I know a stylish DC-er who has been wearing rose cologne by Paul Smith for a while and to me, it always smells feminine, but I guess the rose trend is emerging for men too.  So, men and women,  try this one!  Haven't seen it in DC, but it can be found online here