Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Take: Givenchy Panther T-shirts

My obsession with Givenchy's F/W 2011 collection is JUST starting to come to light.  But let me say it again, Panther, Rottweilers, Black, Floral, Spiked Heels.  OBSESSED.  A few seasons ago, Martin Margiela featured horse print t-shirts that fashion editors were crazy over.  This one nearly copied exactly the "Summoning the Storm" print painted by Artist David Penfound.  So what did I do?  Did I fork over $1000 for the Margiela shirt? Of course not.  I bought a $16 "summoning the storm" t-shirt online at one of those mountain man stores you can find with a google search.  Givency's Panther t-shirts, which retail at over $500 can similarly be created by a quick ebay or google search.  I found one for $11.95 here  at a zoo shop!  And another over at Topshop UK that is out of stock, but I am sure more will surface soon.  The Givenchy men's Rottweiler t-shirt that was seen on Kanye West and Liv Tyler is more affordable but I will look for cheaper versions of that one too!  Look very shortly for more mainstream stores to knock them all off.  

Givenchy Silk Panther T-shirt, $570--picture here

T-shirt by TopShop, retails around $40

T-shirt found here for $11.95

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