Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop: Karl Lagerfeld Capsule Collection for Macys

Karl Lagerfeld (or Uncle Karl as I affectionately call him) made his debut to the masses of middle America back in 2004 when he created a capsule collection for H&M.  After vowing to never work with the brand again due to the limits placed on pieces produced, Karl once again attempted to bring his Chanel-gloved handiwork to the masses by producing a capsule collection for Macys.  I always felt Macys was a bit tacky, but hearing of their collaboration with Karl and whispers that the fabulously crazy Anna Dello Russo of Italian and Japanese Vogue fame is taking on a role with their fashion department has me thinking twice.  Karl's collection, debuting in stores on August 31 with prices ranging from $49 to $169, was showcased last night in the fashion capital of .....Minneapolis?  Really reaching out to the masses, Uncle Karl was received with lukewarm reception and being from the Midwest myself, I can see why---most people do not know who he is!   In any case, certain pieces are good, but nothing blows my mind.  However, a few pieces, if accessorized with Chanel pins or little motorcycle gloves, would come close to some of the stuff he has done for the House that Coco built.  Not bad, though, for bringing accessibility to those little girls like myself growing up in the middle of cornfields dreaming of wearing Chanel.   Check out my favorite pieces below.

Photos courtesy of Macys

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