Thursday, August 11, 2011

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I love fragrances.  Their bottles are gorgeous and I think nothing looks more chic in a bathroom than a mirrored tray full of beautiful perfume bottles.  Throughout my life, I have changed up my signature scent enough that if I now get a whiff of a certain perfume, it brings me back to the place and time in my life I was when I wore it.  I absolutely love that.  My first fragrance was Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth, which I am sure smelled horrid but had a cute bottle (for the 80s).  The 90s androgynous movement brought with it CK One.  In high school, freshman year, I was all about Estee Lauder Pleasures, sophomore year with Tom Ford's influence I wore Gucci Rush, and my junior and senior years when I first began my obsession with Korea, I wore Chanel Allure, which I thought smelled like a 'rich bitch'.  Lolita Lempika reminds me of my year living with terrible roommates in NYC during my junior year of college and I will forever associate Calvin Klein EternityDolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar with my mom.  La Prairie Silver Rain reminds me of running away from law school to NYC on the weekends, and anytime I smell rose, I will smile.  My current go-to, which has outlasted my usual one fragrance a season attention span is Dolce and Gabbana's The One.  It smells strong, but clean, and  I always get comments on how nice I smell.

Looking ahead, as fall approaches, some of my favorites that I hope to rotate in over the next few months (which will also look great in my bathroom) are below.  What is your signature scent?

Le Labo is a little shop in Soho in NYC where they will customize and pour your own perfume, then write you name on the bottle.  So cute.  I like vetiver but I do want to try the scent devoted to my favorite city in the world, Tokyo.  If you can't make it to NYC, can order them online here

Balmain Ambre Gris. How chic is this bottle?  Seriously. Retails for $80 from Bergdorf   (I found it on Amazon for $39)

One of my best friends wears Daim Blond by Serge Lutens and it smells so luxurious, like a warm cashmere blanket.  I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE in DC, even at Saks, but it can be purchased here

Tom Ford, Black Orchid.  Again, Strong, dominant and great for fall.  Can be found in Sephora or  here.

This is technically a men's cologne by Byredo, which is a Swedish brand and absolutely fabulous.  I think it is funny because I know a stylish DC-er who has been wearing rose cologne by Paul Smith for a while and to me, it always smells feminine, but I guess the rose trend is emerging for men too.  So, men and women,  try this one!  Haven't seen it in DC, but it can be found online here

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