Sunday, August 14, 2011

Man of Style: Editor Mitsu Tsuchiya

Our first edition Man of Style features my best friend and Nylon Magazine's Men's Fashion Editor Mitsu Tsuchiya.  He hails from Toyota, Japan and currently lives in NYC where he is known to tear up both downtown fashion parties and Harlem bars alike.  I sat down with Mitsu over the weekend to talk about his take on men's fashion and DC style.

WLTS:  Mitsu, what do you think of the style of men here in DC?

Mitsu:  I always love to visit DC, Wint because buildings are cute... but there is no men's style here.

WLTS:  How would you describe it?

Mitsu:  Nike running shorts.

WLTS:  This is my life, Mits.   Le Sigh.  So enlighten the readers, what will we see the stylish men wearing this fall?

Mitsu: Yellow, Red, and Green.  Like the Jamaican flag---those colors will be huge for men this fall.

WLTS:  That shouldn't be too hard for men to handle.  What are your favorite things to wear?

Mitsu:  I love to dress like a Brazilian or Hawaiian.  What can I say, I like the beach.  But seriously, Stella McCartney women's t-shirts.  I know it sounds weird, but the colors are amazing and the cut works for men.  Men can dress simple if the clothes are tailored correctly so men should invest more in individual classic pieces than on one trend.  I am never without my YSL "Y" necklace and a cute sneaker from Dior Homme or Jeremy Scott.

WLTS:  If you could give advice to the men of DC to improve their style, what would that be?

Mitsu:  Buy nice shoes.  Can tell alot about a guy by the shoes they wear.  Invest and it will be worth it.

All photos provided by Mitsu Tsuchiya for Nylon Magazine.

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