Monday, August 15, 2011

Shop: More Missoni for Target

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this morning more pictures of what Missoni is offering for their capsule collection for Target to be released in 30 Days!! Whoo Hoo!  Having worn over the weekend the Rodarte for Target leopard print lace mini dress, I have followed these capsule collections for years and have been truly disappointed with the offerings of late for how ugly and cheap looking the items have been.  Missoni has obviously outdone itself and blown away any other offering Target has done as they will be offering everything from men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes to home items and even patio furniture. Mitsu (man of style, see below) was at the collection preview back in the spring and tells me that the items are excellent quality, cut, and do not look cheap.  Expect to find me the night before, camped outside the entrance and expect my house and body next month to be covered in colored zigzags.

What a great gift for a party or host?  Love.
Chic head wear for the beach
Get.  End the wearing of ugly work shoes.  They also have matching little girls shoes that I plan on buying for my niece.
Shorts. Add a cream colored oversized bulky knit and you have a perfect fall outfit.

Obviously would look amazing in an all white room.  

I am all about this kimono jacket and the scarf.  

No brainer with this bikini.  Very similar to what they sell for $400+

My niece will be very styling.  

Missoni makes the best beach towels.  But they are over $100.  Get these. They are identical .

Loving the oversized cardigans
Another cardigan that would be adorable with jeans.

All about the shorts again.

All pictures provided by Target and found here

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