Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauty Corner: Oil Cleanser

It is August now and here in DC, it feels like we are living in a swamp.  Hair is frizzy, skin is oily.   After surviving the monsoon season and humid August in Korea for many years, I found a way keep your skin dewy and oil free even in the most humid climates.  Oil Cleansers.  Seemingly counter intuitive, these cleansers take off everything from oil to sweat to makeup without stripping your skin of moisture and keeping it soft and glowing. 

America hasn't quite caught on to them yet, but Shu Uemura makes probably the most well known oil cleansers that come in pretty colored bottles.

These cleansers can be found here.  While great, they are a bit pricey.

My personal favorite (and much cheaper) is a cleanser that you can buy in Japanese 7-11s and  in the USA in Japanese grocery stores.  Retailing in the US for approximately $12-$15, this is a great product.  and can be found online here or at the Maruichi Grocery store in Rockville, MD here

Another alternative retailing for $10-$15 is Kose Softymo cleanser which I use if I can't find Tiss.  Look for this on Amazon here