Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The archives: Versace cow-print shirt

I love when you can go shopping in your own closet.  After a trip home, home, for Thanksgiving, I took a trip down memory lane.  While some people may sort through pictures, my trip involves going into the 'archives' as I like to call them, also known as my childhood closet.  I brought back with me a fabulous red velvet suit, a few pairs of shoes, and this Versace top--so old that the tag says 'Gianni Versace', as in when he was still alive.  It is what I call Versace does cow, because it (to me at least), looks like a colorful cow print. With the most perfect cowl neck collar and draping, I can't wait to put this little number back into rotation.  Welcome back!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Detox: Rehab for foodies

Because I have been living like a rockstar lately and because I have 1 week until my birthday and 2 weeks until I will be living in a bikini, I looked at myself and said "snap out of it" get yo-self on a detox.  I don't claim to be anyone who is knowledgeable about anything.  I don't know nuffin about birthin' no babies, Miss Scarlett.  But, I do know what works for me in terms of diet/exercise/detox.  Don't think for a second that I would embark on some ridiculous lemon water diet.  Of course, I have tried it and was miserable.  Let's face it, no one is fun to be around when they are hangry (hungry+angry).  And what joy in life is there without good food? (Surely, I am not the only person who structures their whole day around their next meal?)    Anyway, I think it is about small choices you can make, doing things in moderation, be consistent, yada yada....So here is what I do when I want a little boost in terms of my diet/exercise/detox.

Exercise - Tone x2, Cardio x2, Yoga x2.  You know you have to. The four sessions I listed above are what work for me, but some people prefer more cardio or yoga or pole dancing or whatever. The point is to do 4 formal sessions of exercise per week----I combine cardio and toning.  I don't feel like one works without the other. When I say 'tone' I mean anything that works your muscles and core - be it a class,  monkey bars, rock climbing etc. I like the classes where you are lifting weights for an hour and then cannot move the next day.   In addition, you want to maintain a certain level of activity on a daily basis - For me that means I put on my flats and walk.. Aiming to do a few miles of walking as part of getting to work, getting lunch and getting  home will have you almost there. May sound hard but its a conscious choice to make - leave early on the way to work and walk to the next metro stop, go up the stairs instead of the lift, get off your desk and do some errands at lunch.  Or just take a break and enjoy the day

Nutrition - Again, not rocket science. Pack your diet full of fruit and veggie, lean meats and fish, and cut down on all the good stuff (booze, salt, sugar, fats). Swap your nightly starchy foods - like rice, noodles, pasta, bread, potatos etc, for beans, lentils and more veggies. I don't agree with the whole Atkins no carbs thing (Jessica Simpson looked wayyyyy hangry when she was on it) but limiting nightly intake makes sense.  As does cutting out the lovely stuff.  I tend to go Asian.  This means for me things I love, so it really isn't a big deal---fermented soy bean soup which is packed with veggies and tofu, and eat it with seaweed and kimchi (which I could eat forever).

For snacks, I'll be eating roasted unsalted nuts like almonds maybe mixed with a few pieces of chocolate as well as fruit and crackers (always with a bit of cheese, I mean, c'mon!). Cutting down on alcohol is also a key element of the detox. I don't mean becoming teatotal, and it will all be relative to your current drinking levels, but having none during the week and only a few over the weekend seems to me to be a good approach (but ohhhhh so hard!).

I guess I failed to mention not to eat take away junk food, as in, ever. Its shit. I'll leave it at that.  And we all know this, but it is good !!  Although... one small cheeseburger may be allowed if you are incredibly hungover and stayed out until 4am the previous night. However if this is the case you probably already drank your weekly calorie intake in one night so a cheeseburger aint gonna kill you... (the detox sounds like its gone off the rails already!).

That is all I got.  See how it works for you.  What are the things you cut back on when you need a detox?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Handpicked: Magnum

I would beg, borrow, steal, or sell a pinky for this Rag & Bone coat.  I mean really, who needs a damn pinky anyway.  Buy it here, (buy 2, one for me, one for you)  Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gift Guide: Culo

Need a gift for the hot blooded, meat-eating man in your life that also appreciates beauty and art?   "Culo", the photo coffee table book by Ralph Mazzucco and directed by Diddy and Interscope Record's Jimmy Iovine, feature what else but the culo, aka the ass of girls like Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, Alessandra Ambrosio amongst others.  The photos are actually beautifully shot.  Indeed, the world is no longer flat.  Can be found on for $39

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Say what? Nowhere Shoes

Uh, say what?  These shoes by Elin Kling's Nowhere line are so flippin' major, majuh, chic, to die, or whatever else you want to say.  They are good. end of story.  And kinda cheap.  Now can someone tell me why won't ship them to the US?  Say what?  If the peek black magically appears on my front door in size 37 I will love the Euro shipping fairy forever and ever.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stay: New Hotel, Athens Greece

It is that time of year when the days get darker before they should and the temperatures drop below what I think a person should live in (50 degrees F).  And so my mind drifts away to thoughts of travel and hotels, which I love more than most people.  Greece is on my list of places I want to go and in my research I came across the New Hotel.  Designed by Brazilians Humberto and Fernando Campana, together with the art collector Dakis Joannou, an old city hotel in Athens is harmonically merged from reclaimed pieces of the old Olympic Palace Hotel, the end product being something that is extremely visually stimulating and unexpected.  Chairs are re-purposed from old coat hangers and fabric, walls are covered in  old lamps, wood scraps and old table legs are juxtaposed with ultra modern art fixtures and amenities.    Can't wait to get myself there. 

Photos from New Hotel

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obsession: The Supermodel

I love what is going on with the resurgence of the Supermodel.  With the launch of the Versace x HM icons collection this week, I am reminded of being a young girl obsessed with Linda, Cindy, Christy, Eva, Helena, and Naomi.  I still remember that there was a magazine called "Supermodel" or something and it was an entire magazine devoted each month to the life and style of a supermodel.  One of my favorites was Karen Mulder.  Do you guys remember her?   I think she actually ended up in a mental hospital and then was arrested for an attack on her plastic surgeon (#supermodelproblems).  I seriously wonder what my mom thought of me as a 10 year old obsessing with these people and these things.  Anyway, Duran Duran's latest video (as is pretty much all of their music) is my new obsession.  Watch for appearances by all of the girls we grew up wanting to be.   Reminds me of George Michael's video for Freedom.  Both are below.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Style Icon: Lenny Kravitz

The first concert I went to without any kind of parental supervision, was to see Lenny Kravitz and the Roots.  I was drawn to his music, but also drawn to his style.  At the time, when I was a freshman in high school, both Lenny and I loved faded bell-bottoms, shaggy fur and bohemian hair.  He had dreads, and I had multiple hair wraps interlaced with gems and shells.  Over the years, his hair was cut, and his style evolved, as did mine.  He always has remained, even when dressed classically, to have a bit of that je ne sais quoi, I don't give a shit ---look that I love.  

Pics found here

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art: SupaKitch & Koralie

I love wall art because it is that unexpectedly surprise---a dash of color or whimsy, often in the starkest of places---when you least expect it.  When I first saw the work of SupaKitch and & Koralie in this video, I thought that one of them must be mixed Japanese or something.  Their Japanese influence is obvious, despite their very French nationality. More interesting to me, however, is the very intricacies of the wall art---layers of paint topped with free-hand drawing.  Fun to watch, would be even more fun to see in person.  Enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art: Jonathan Andrew

In tribute to the gray that envelopes the season of Fall, I present photographer Jonathan Andrew's artful look at the abandoned military bunkers of WWII (which is another one of my obsessions).  Both haunting and serene, they paint a picture of emptiness and history at the same time

See more here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Outfit: Kriss Kross

Finally, an outfit post.  This is how I do "work". 
Jacket: Vera Wang for Kohls, Skirt: Stella McCartney, Tank: American Apparel, Belt: gifted DG, Boots: Jimmy Choo