Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre-Fall: Balmain

My favorite fashion seasons are always the 'in betweens'.  Resort, pre-fall, etc.  First up for my pre-fall series, is Balmain.  Balmain traded in its Christopher Decarnin with Olivier Rousteing, and with that, began to redefine the fashion house who brought football style padded shoulder blazers to the masses, but then got sidetracked with----only that. 

To start, Rousteing went less Las Vegas and more  czarist Russia, less scruff and more glam.   Blazers and bombers came in men's proportions, and he showed loose pajama pants in quilted silk or dévoré velvet.  While taking the Balmain silhouette in new directions with an oversized and self-defined 'comfy' look,  the overall collection still felt rich and classic---lots of wearable inspiration for fall.  

Pictures from Style.com