Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Look: My idea of Professional

Can we hold up for just a bit?  I thought I was making progress by dressing a little bit more weather and occasion appropriate.  Trust me.  It has taken forever for me to get to this place.  I hate layering, I hate chunky anything and this has resulted in me always being cold.  So, my love of Acne and Stella knits was greatly appreciated by myself and I thought, "geez, Winter, you are finally growing up".  Although I am currently obsessed with getting F/W big, bulky and chunky knits that will attempt to keep me warm as the temps drop, the Burberry Prorsum 2012 S/S collection has me reconsidering what look will carry me into winter.  I. Am. Obsessed.  The hats, oh the hats...for sure no one in DC will understand them.  I can imagine that I will be standing on the street corner waiting to cross the street on my way to work, while I can feel the eyes of the woman in a Talbots suit with sneakers going up and down my back.  For me, these looks epitomize how I think a woman should do professional.  Tailored colored trenches, with a quirky but still 'tame' hat to set you apart.  I guarantee few will agree with me here, but that's ok ---I am now turning my focus away from the chunky knits to getting my hands on one.  

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