Friday, October 14, 2011

Obsession: Balmain

So, I know. Balmain pieces cost millions.  Got it.  Not affordable. Got it.  Not wearable.  Uh, I beg to differ.  Here's the thing.  It is the hi-low mix that I think the what wearable style is all about.  I love Balmain--my love is apparent and represents a chic bitch that doesn't REALLY care look that I happen to love.  While nothing about Balmain blew me away, there are definitely wearable (at least for me) looks in the mix and kind of represents exactly how I think women should want to look. From clothes to boots to hair to makeup- I think Balmain has a look that is wearable yet sexy and rich and will have all eyes on you.   Here are two of my favorite looks and from this you should take away this rule:  every look needs or should have  a Hi/Low element to it. Here you have the super fashion-y Mini skirt mixed with a casual denim shirt in the first picture and an oversized t-shirt w/ the sleeves rolled in the second. Something super Luxe with something thought of as super casual. Love it.  

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