Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Look: Moneyball

While growing up, I played every kind of sports you could imagine.  After school I was sent to the gymnastics or baseball, or softball or basketball practice.  People would never peg me for someone who's athletic because I look far from a tomboy and yet people, the secret's out.  I play sports.  I get dirty, break things and was that girl on the basketball team in highschool that the other team would try to take out, often by sending the 'big girl' on the team to knock me down and try to injure me. Surviving the tough farmland basketball teams straight out of Hoosiers, I still like to keep some kind of athletic influence in several of my looks.  Whether it is with shoes made out of wetsuits or oversized raglan shirts a la Celine worn over tight jeans, the influence is there.  Something I have seen alot this season (yes, Givenchy did one) and which I love is the baseball bomber.  How chic is it dressed up with a leather pencil skirt or skinny cropped trousers or jeans and some razor heel pointy toed shoes.  Get it. Wear it. And love it.
How Emanuelle Alt is Pierre Balmain!  Love it.  Photo found here

Bomber Jacket found at Zara, $129

Columbine rocking the bomber look.  

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