Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obsession: The Supermodel

I love what is going on with the resurgence of the Supermodel.  With the launch of the Versace x HM icons collection this week, I am reminded of being a young girl obsessed with Linda, Cindy, Christy, Eva, Helena, and Naomi.  I still remember that there was a magazine called "Supermodel" or something and it was an entire magazine devoted each month to the life and style of a supermodel.  One of my favorites was Karen Mulder.  Do you guys remember her?   I think she actually ended up in a mental hospital and then was arrested for an attack on her plastic surgeon (#supermodelproblems).  I seriously wonder what my mom thought of me as a 10 year old obsessing with these people and these things.  Anyway, Duran Duran's latest video (as is pretty much all of their music) is my new obsession.  Watch for appearances by all of the girls we grew up wanting to be.   Reminds me of George Michael's video for Freedom.  Both are below.  Enjoy!

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