Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop: Mango, what you should be wearing

I don't want to hear complaints any longer about what to buy, what to wear or that you can't afford something.  Put down that Big Mac right now and put your $4 into your piggy bank while you grab a big glass of water instead (trust me, you will thank me later).  Mango, again, shows girls what they should be looking like and guys, it is affordable.  Most everything on this page is under $100.  Big Mac money. Seriously.  When you go to the Mango store, please resist the urge to judge the stuff as tacky.  I get it. The stores are ridiculously ugly--bad lighting, bad merchandising and all that jazz.  However, look past the florescent lighting and think of the summer collection, styled by style goddess Geraldine Saglio.  She got it so right and this is so me.  Loose, not tight, casually sexy.  So, mess your hair, line your eyes, and get your best safari gone sexy outfit from Mango. Go. Now.  Run.  Wear these clothes and thank me later.

All photos from www.mango.com


  1. Love shorts and blazer on first photo!!

  2. I fell in love with Mango a few years ago (when my folks lived in Turkey) and it has been a sweet affair ever since. Great designers.